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Sanctum Philanthropy is a company purely committed to service and giving back to the community and future generations.

We are an integral and complimentary division of the Sanctum Group where we recognize the need internationally for corporations to support those who need it the most.

Our Founders and our full global team are equally as passionate about how we can collectively give back and support those less fortunate than us through innovative and newly evolved strategies.

Sanctum Philanthropy has started with three key ventures:

World Blockchain Centre

The World Blockchain Centre is a not-for-profit initiative by Sanctum Philanthropy that focuses on developing technological talents in underprivileged communities across the world, with a particular focus on cryptocurrency.

An initiative forested by Rico Pang and Dunstan Teo, co-founders of Sanctum Group, avid Tech investors and believers in the power of tech to develop talent, reduce inequalities, and subsequently help reduce poverty.

The WBC is a global organization dedicated to the advancement of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and digital transformation across the world, in partnership with local government bodies and development agencies to achieve the below objectives:


Impactful change


Tech Talent Development


Empower the younger generations


Reduce poverty

Deep Tech Forum

Deep Tech Forum is a Global Tech Community initiative, with the vision of seamless collaborations for the betterment of our future generation. The Deep Tech Forum is driven by more than 5000 outstanding community leaders in various industry’s Scientists, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Ventures Capitals & Investors.


“Unity with a purpose”

Philcoin is a philanthropical movement in the blockchain whose purpose is to establish a global Interactive Ecosystem where the daily use of IOT “Internet Of Things”, Social Media, Television, means of communication, become a rail where people can earn while they use the products and services.

Given our history of humanitarian support and endeavors, PhilCoin’s purpose is to GIVE BACK while people transact in BLOCKCHAIN.

Philcoin’s vision is to create the largest community of philanthropists around the world in a time in age where over 1.7B people are unbanked, over 55% of people in the USA alone cannot read a book on an 8th grade level, and where giving back has not been a global initiative in the blockchain space where billions of dollars have been directed to projects without a purpose.

Philcoin’s mission is to help people build a digital economy while chatting, watching television, playing video games, getting educated globally, sharing, shopping, via our educational system, using our philanthropic partnerships which allows everyone an equal opportunity in generating digital wealth through an ERC20 Token marked “PHL”, using Smart contracts which demonstrates a high level of a transparency, user friendly environment, while it fulfills the purpose of the 17 SDG’s and every humanitarian support given in our eco system.

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